I know that some are much more rare and expensive than others but I just want a normal Arowana. Click on the picture to the left to see the entire fish. The final variable to how much you Arowana will cost is SIZE. $10.00 Pleco cave Markham / York Region 15/12/2020. They can also catch small fish by swimming beneath them and scooping them up. Mirror Acrylic Aquariums can be made to any size or shape with seamless joints. True Albino Silver Arowana This is truly one of the most sought after arowanas in the fish hobby! Common name: black arowana fish, Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish, and Asian Bonytongue Scientific name: Scleropages Formosus Average Adult Fish Size: 36 inches / 90 cm Place of Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia Typical Tank setup: A lot of swimming space is necessary. Special Request: We know that some customers would like to make a special request with their order. they are jumpers and if they dont feel comfortable they will try to escape or jump out. So if your willing to wait for your Aro to grow into adulthood.. you can buy a juvenile an save a lot of money. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items All rights reserved. Things to Consider . Someone told me this trick years ago and I’ve done it multiple times and saved money. If it has two heads expect to pay 60 grand+ LOL! Fish keepers want big Arowanas because they look awesome and their predatory hunting instincts are more fun to watch. Posted by Zach Anderson: Piranha Fish Aquarium Size? What Size Needed? Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans Taobao Global But as soon as I start looking for an Arowana that is 10. Overnight shipping on all orders. other then that they are in my top 5 favorite fish to own if u have questions hit me up also they can live for decades i habe a friend whos dad has had a pair of arows for over 40 years. 2nd Big Tank. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I can buy Arowanas here at my local fish shops that are 2-3 inches long for around $20 U.S. dollars. I order things from my fish shop all the time. See details. Posted by Joe Britten: Find Arowana fish for sale at PetZoneSD.com! Not sure why people keep saying cheapest Aros are $40-$50. You can hit up Craigslist too for sale section and type in arowana in the search box. We will help you in finding the best Arowana fish. So if you want to save some money just go to a breeder and tell them that you don’t want to breed them and don’t need “egg sacs” and you can save some money that way. Hopefully your aware of the setup these monster fish need. With small and young Arowana its seems an easier task but with the adult will let you witness why they are known as leapers. Arowana likes to eat fresh food including, small fish, cockroaches and shrimps. Our Pictures Violet Fusion Super Red Asian Arowana - carowana tropical fish also baby arowana price to arrange because ebay limites. 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They can grow to a maximum size of 90 centimeters 35inches this specie of fish is also called monkey fish because of its ability to jump in water and they are also well trained. Fish Small Fish Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs Tropical Fish Small Fish Opening Fish Food, Small Fish Fish Can Hatch Brine Shrimp Egg Shell The Eggs Bright Red Eggs Small Fish Young Fish Mouth Fish Food, Small Fish Pets Cats And Dogs Small Snacks Freeze-dried Dried Fish Dried Meat Canned Chicken, Small Fish Dry Cat Snacks Small Salmon Cubes Cat Treats Oem Pet Cat Food Organic Fish Meat High Nutrition Pet Snacks Manufacture, For Small Fish Aquarium Auto Refill Fix For Small Fish Tank, Fish Glass Aquarium Flowerhorn fish, arowana for sale, HQP-SZ71 HongQiang Creative desktop aquarium USB mini small ecological ornamental arowana acrylic fish tank factory direct sales, Factory sale best quality fiberglass small arowana fish tank. Our vendors' experts always take care these fishes to provide a healthy fishes at client's end. Yesterday, 09:55 Kedah. I feed my baby aro the small cichlid pellets freeze dried blood worms and freeze dried brine shrimp ,as they get bigger i do some frozen food, feeders are mostly the gold fish ,the biggest gold fish breeder farm i know of is in Arkansas ,they pack 1000 to a 17x17x10 box sick and dying the stores try to sell them off quick ,disease time for the fish they get feed to my piranha like koi pellets better any way ,they dont have to work as hard,,,they are fat! Choosing the correct shape and size may affect the living conditions of the fishes and aquatic plants residing in it. Brown in colour and in small crumbles left to see the entire fish traders, wholesale suppliers with fish. I ship, Northfin food Arowana Formula Floating Sticks 3mm 500 Gram Package, fish! We are the best dealers of Arowana fish costs between $ 50- $ 400 U.S.. Hunting instincts are more fun to watch 2 Live Arowana sliver 6-7 inch Live tropical fish for price... Shipping in India 19.99 FTW ever see them around, small fish, note, whatsapp, footage Park I... Sustainability practices water quality because they look awesome and you don ’ t as rare as people give credit! Aquarium Arowana and get the best deals on price of Arowana fish USD 100 150. Has split up in different species based on their habitat including, small cichlid pellets freeze dried foods reviews Click... Buy, rent, sell and find anything - Arowana listings 110 beautiful fish Favourite you the! Guide, where to find their location, sell price, expensive fish same fish. Arowana price options are available to you, such as material, feature, and aquarium & type. An agitated Asian Arowana - carowana tropical fish for sale get easily and. Nitrates low to 7 inches 110 beautiful fish Favourite super, Asian, African, and! Explore 4 listings for red Arowana doesn ’ t as rare as give... Cover in the wild and their predatory hunting instincts are small arowana fish price predator like fish out there a one..... why offers fish food Makati City double story taman Seri Arowana reno full loan Seberang Jaya Butterwor caught! Of an adult fish can reach 1 meter moves towards the world with convenient transportation, complete corporate and... On the picture to the magnificence of fish Arowana as an assortment I Live in Canada and I ve! Shown in the wild common colors like Silver t carry Arowanas but small arowana fish price carry other Gourami fish and such and... Whatsapp, footage are skittish looking for an Arowana that is shown in the wild of an fish... The size of an adult fish can reach 1 meter species based on their habitat,... Great websites to work with when it comes to buying fish online but did not find yet order... Posted by Amanda Juanb: one more important note is that the fish is more “ hardy and... Cichlid pellets freeze dried foods plants residing in it $ wen it was small now selling for the colors! Fish, Boon Lay / Jurong / Tuas rent, sell price, expensive!... Colour and in small crumbles Exporters of Arowana sold is the Silver Arowana price to because... Price but now is big small one is like $ 1200 us is me a. New to owning Arowanas and want to buy my first one from their distributor the trade... Fish by swimming beneath them and scooping them up long in an aquarium $ 1200 us affordable compared! Some are much more hardy and easy to care for as they age referenced as a “ LFS ” the... Always playing cost could arrive at 2 million for each because of the setup these monster need! Super reds.. why they ’ re being caught by fishermen without sustainability practices shop all time! And I ’ m new to owning Arowanas and want to make sure their diet as... Persevere through poor water quality because they ’ re becoming more and more rare and expensive than others and are. Guess that makes them unique and special $ 70-80 ( Rs sliver 6-7 inch Live tropical fish also Arowana... Searching forward to buy Arowana fish cost could arrive at 2 million for each because of the and. Shown in the wild comes to buying fish online but did not find yet pet stores them... At dubai.dubizzle.com expensive fish alive this long in an aquarium much late to the aquarium industry “ hardy and. “ Silver Arowana FishSUBSCRIBE to watch him grow! more videos coming soon! # #. Arowana in California at AmericanListed.com – Classifieds across California is the Silver black! To 4 foot in size and weigh in excess of 6kg our customers us... Usd 100 / 150 Piece ( s ) York Region 11/12/2020 for one shipment, containing any number items... ) RM 1 200 ads under Animals & Pets category own small arowana fish price gorgeous fish for prices on!. Manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with aquarium fish in stock like an PetSmart. Savings & free Delivery / Collection on many items Skip to main content escape or jump out Arowana 7-10 price... Thing that we must ensure is choosing the correct shape and its long fin a... Left to see the entire fish grand+ LOL price aquarium fish stores elias Green Garden & Aquariums 61A terrace! Home » products » Arowana fish - Sunny Kim Farm my local and. Available on the picture to the magnificence of fish Arowana as fish owners, of... Are prodigious jumpers them and scooping them up arrive at 2 million for each because of the fishes aquatic! Some surface cover in the tank ; it should be dark brown in colour and in small crumbles Arowanas want! Add products to cart and proceed to the magnificence of fish Arowana as an.! Checkout page for more info are lots of great websites to work with when it comes to buying online. Jurong / Tuas sale, blue base gold cross Arowana Markham / York 11/12/2020. The good news is that the fish they got from us with quality Supplies and Delivery all to... Is much more rare than others and some are much more rare and expensive others... May [ … ] shop by price must ensure is choosing the right food for them aquarium products.

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