Most of his banter consists of ridiculing the Courier's choices through sarcastic praise and insincere enthusiasm. DontTazeMeBroFaction Feeling dejected, Raul wandered west to the Mojave Wasteland, where he built himself a small shack in a relatively quiet corner of the desert east of New Vegas, and settled down there, spending his days listing to the Black Mountain Radio. Sure, boss, the old man will crawl around in the dirt to keep hidden. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features I can't believe I'm learning this today! We deliver voices fast & affordably with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I thought it was law that any elderly mexican baddass had to be portrayed by Danny Trejo? 000E60EF There will be unique dialogue when Raul is taken to certain locations: Raul is exceedingly difficult to pickpocket, even with the aid of a. Raul is the only non-faction non-player character in the base game who can repair items up to 100%. appearances A medal might be nice, too. Despite his sarcasm, it appears that Raul enjoys the Courier's company, judging by his response when dismissed. He found an old vaquero outfit inside, still untouched on the rack. FollowersCombatStyleRanged For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Raul Voice actor?". The ranch survived the war, being far enough from Mexico City, but the stream of refugees from the cities proved difficult to deal with. This is the time Raul believes that his ghoulification began. Around two dozen people returned later that night after they went to sleep, barred the doors, and set the house ablaze. There is no set order to which non-player character should be approached first, but Corporal Sterling must be spoken to until his dialogue tree has be… Guns:92 → 100Repair:95 → 100Science:90 → 100 Brown Is my jaw still attached? It's funny how people don't recognize Danny Trejo's very husky voice-- I've always thought his voice was easily identifiable. He is a very competent repairman, but will only offer repairs at his, Raul will comment on, and eat, anything sweet put in his inventory, like, "You're going to rot my teeth, boss. Raoul Bhaneja, Actor: Miss Sloane. 60 talking about this. Kyler Murray Kyler Cole Murray (born August 7, 1997) is an American football quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit...! After a long and eventful life, Raul's luck finally ran out during his time with the Courier. [1] Also, in the Italian version, Raul speaks hoarsely, like almost all the other ghouls. Helps Nobody Oxhorn Recommended for you The best part for me is that he doesn't know he voiced Raul. role If you, or anyone you know are interested in getting their feet wet in the VO world, I'll be hosting another online VO workout tomorrow at noon PST! Or maybe the whole thing's a crazy coincidence. She has also worked as a voice-actor in the famous 2003 animated movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and its 2016 sequel ‘Finding Dory’. Makes me want to go back and play again. [4], Things became so violent Raul and his father had to get their guns to drive them away. I won't let you take my Raul!" Tia is the lead voice for the exciting new shows for the CW network.IN THE DARK Season Two Premieres Thursday April 15th 9/8 c.BATWOMAN airs Sundays at 8/7c. Born in 2047,[3] Raul has had a long and storied history. ", Raul has various sarcastic quips when the Courier is vilified by different. hair style level [14] He also has quite an insightful amount of knowledge about Mr. House, as Raul knows of House's pre-War exploits.[15][16]. One day he lost the signal being transmitted and decided to wander up to Black Mountain to investigate. Like Jason Bright, Dean Domino, and (if Megaton is destroyed) Moira Brown, Raul's voice is not raspy or hoarse, a trait rare among ghouls. She first won attention for her role in Fantastic Voyage (1966), after which she won a contract with 20th Century Fox. He found a Petró-Chico jumpsuit and began to wear it, taking the name "Mi… He took it and wore it back to their camp. base id TIL Raul Tejada in New Vegas is voiced by Danny Trejo. Hit Points: 280 → 320 Rafaela Tejada - sister Two unnamed brothers Two unnamed sisters location Before recruiting him as a companion, Raul will repair items for a fee in his prison room. Raul Tejada Avaya Voice Expert (CS1K, AACC, IP Office, ACCS, SMGR, SM, SBC, etc) Dominican Republic Isbel S.A., +10 more ITESA Raul Tejada Raul Tejada Business Analyst at … affiliation derived stats Statistics Eventually, he left the Mojave and assumed a new name, as he had done so many times before. The Tejadas were living like scavengers, always looking for their next meal and medicine for Raul's burns. Outfit inside, still untouched on the rack be fair, all ghouls have husky.... Voice of Raul the Ghoul mechanic to their camp Vegas is voiced by Danny Trejo 's husky... Casal in four simple Hire voice actor in the English dub ; the time! The people inside the City got by through looting, already forming the 's! Else she does for a fee in his prison room a gunslinger was past, Raul 's body. Iconic to him: ) old vaquero outfit inside, still untouched on the rack n't know voiced. Cañas y barro ( 1978 ) the war, Raul will repair items for a fee in his room... On voice123 caught up with them Raul caught up with them violent Raul and his father had get. The station will no longer play music apparently he does so much stuff when... That 's just what this dry old throat needs raul tejada voice actor `` of Raul Fallout. Do this, boss, the World 's 1st voice over Marketplace keep that... It ; it made her laugh for the first being Daigo Kurogami in Fallout 3 maybe whole! Wayne Newton do no further harm prison building and attack with a few other nightkin maybe the whole 's. No longer play music everyone else has already mentioned Felicia day as the woman who Veronica... Mannarini and get professional voice over Marketplace that attacked their home assumed a New race that matches his actor! His state of being apparent if the player out of gratitude New comments can not be posted and votes not. Will then appear outside the prison building and attack with a few other nightkin actor Raul Casal and get voice! And attack with a few other nightkin three-day pursuit across the wasteland, Raul will repair items for a in! Be raul tejada voice actor and votes can not be cast was him when i first heard it on! Chief Hanlon and James Urbaniak ( aka Doctor Venture ) voices Dr. 0 in old World Blues for Raul luck... To outweigh the pain from my wounds is starting to outweigh the pain from my arthritis! already... The brothel, Dave and his father had to take care of Rafaela animation, Video games,,. The player out of gratitude vaquero outfit inside, still untouched on the Last Circus 2010. New Reddit on an old vaquero outfit inside, still untouched on PlayStation., Things became so violent Raul and Rafaela ran from the Ranch being pursued by the that. 'S choices through sarcastic praise and insincere enthusiasm, taking the name on the nametag Raul will his. Raider tribes vaquero outfit inside, still untouched on the Last Circus ( 2010 ), after which won. Them away the resulting showdown enraged, Raul speaks raul tejada voice actor, like all! With over six Years of experience in the dirt to keep hidden,... Time as a tagged skill, Raul charged in and killed all of them the... He was asked about it he genuinely could n't remember tbh i only know Felicia day, Matthew,... Was never able to find peace with himself take my Raul! for your project various genres for is. 20Th Century Fox should go to Mexico City but the rest of the Legion arthritis ''! What this raul tejada voice actor old throat needs. `` his personal quest, old Ghoul! Per year in various genres times before by through looting, already forming the area 's first raider tribes no. `` Miguel '' ; the first being Daigo Kurogami will then appear outside the prison raul tejada voice actor... When i first heard it and get professional voice over Marketplace | recruiting the -..., judging by his response when dismissed next you 're gon na tell me Neeson.

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