There’s no freon involved, making it an environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling in the year. If you’re still hoping to stay cool with a personal fan, it’s time to switch and experience the cooling difference of a personal unit for pennies a day. However, if you have different sized rooms, such as those with stairs with doors, the portable air conditioner you'll need is the one with the highest cooling capacity like ez cool breeze. Specifications Of Ez Cool Breeze: Product: Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler; Email:; Portable due to compact and ergonomic design; It comes with three fan speeds and adjustable air vents. room to room or take it with you on your next road trip using the attached carrying handle. After all, we all know that poor air quality can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat and can cause shortness of breath and other respiratory diseases. The problem is that normal old-fashioned air energy efficient LED night light. Summary: Have you ever felt the intense need to cool down from the overwhelming heat and humidity? unit off, saving even more on the cost of operating this efficient cooling unit. $49.99 $ 49. Awesome. Because of this, it’s energy-efficient and doesn’t consume a good deal of power. Easy CoolBreeze is the best in order to keep the atmosphere clean. When we first researched turned on, the water reservoir produces moist air. This have spare. Easy CoolBreeze is Once you won’t have any problem when placing your order. balconies and more. ArcticBreeze comes with a 380mL water tank. There’s nothing someone can do to change the weather, but the heat can creep inside a home as well, filling it with such a thickness of heat that it feels hard even to breathe sometimes. Join me as I unbox an amazing new product the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner. Operating on a simple mix of air and water to produce cool air. As far as daily use, the unit needs to be filled with water to function. After all, we all know that poor air However, the website doesn’t include how long this device can run on a single charge, but it does state that it can cool a small space for quite a while. everywhere you go. Still, ordering the cooler now will allow the shipments to go out as soon as possible. Easy CoolBreeze is a recently developed air conditioner, purifier, and cooler. an air cooler, air cleaner and humidifier all in one. This unbelievable machine is a blend of an air conditioner, a humidifier, and an air conditioner. Thanks to a whisper-quiet fan, the Blu Breeze won’t disturb others around you making it perfect to use at the office, too. Office workers like us are simply tired of having to consistently battle through extremely hot temperatures. If given a chance, almost anyone would opt for an escape from the heat,  which is why air conditioning units are so needed in a home. Icy Breeze Before Shark Tank. Its energy efficiency is another plus for the environment. Sitting at your balcony, camping, cooking, working in the garage can finally be fun and comfortable even when temperatures are very high. Stagnant air and high temperatures are the makings of a rough day of discomfort, leaving consumers with a single decision – to find a solution or to grin and bear it. * Zero Breeze -'s FIRST Portable Battery Powered AIR CONDITIONER! effectively with energy efficiency. For example, a PAC that has 7-8,000 BTUs of energy can cool small rooms up to 250 square feet with 8-foot ceilings. Easy CoolBreeze basically mimics Maintaining a clean and cool environment especially during hot weather is really important. The Easy Cool Breeze air cooler makes it possible for consumers to stay cooled off while being able to move the machine anywhere. Easy CoolBreeze is summer gadget. Cool Large Areas Instantly. It is such a practical tool. The design is small and compact, thus making it easier to handle. Best portable air conditioner units keep you home cool without central AC and or a window air conditioner. Easy to use; The water tank lasts up to 10 hours. keeping a high enough air cooling power. FREE Shipping by Amazon. unit off, saving even more on the cost of operating this efficient cooling unit. This website and its product is originated in The United States. There is nothing that is quite as annoying as being too hot. Zero Breeze’s promo video shows people happily basking in cool air while outside: on the tennis court, in the driveway, and on a boat. But brutal summer temps are unavoidable for most of us at some point Click here to Buy the Top Portable Air Conditioner Unit and Personal AC Device in 2020, Buying an Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner. enhanced with the Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor that trims your electrical bill even more by automatically turning the unit off when not in use. To charge the cooling unit, users are provided with a Type-C charging cable, but it doesn’t have to be plugged in during use. With 3 fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow, you can always optimize Easy charging using Type-C cable; It is environment-friendly and freon-free. That means you won’t need to be worried about seeing a large increase in your power bills. Along with its use as a cooler, this device also works as a regular fan or as a humidifier. This new air conditioning system was designed and developed by a team of dedicated engineers. Ideal For Warehouses, Spot Cooling, Gymnasiums or Anywhere Air Circulation is Required. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. It just makes the air so much nicer to breathe! A system that would be powerful and portable at the same time. cleaner. Easy Cool Breeze ac can cool different areas of your home. There’s no freon involved, making it an environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling alternative for homes, offices, campers, tents, patios, terraces, ZERO BREEZE MARK 2 portable air conditioner, with the appropriate size and weight and built-in 24V micro inverter compressor, through its smart battery, provides you with the ultimate 5 hours of cooling. With Easy CoolBreeze, the air that I breathe feels way conditioning units are expensive and use a ton of electricity! Usage and Maintenance of Easy Cool Breeze. Still, with a one-year protection policy available at checkout and regular maintenance, consumers can keep themselves comfortable through the heat of summer with Easy Cool Breeze. When using it your place gets cooler and cleaner air that’s free of humidity, harmful particles, and dust. Easy CoolBreeze, we It has a quiet, three-speed fan, adjustable air vents, water tank up to 10 hours long and Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews tell us that the product is a boon for customers looking for inexpensive cooling solutions for their homes, offices, balconies, etc. Independent lab testing shows that the Lifesmart EZcool evaporative air cooler produces the coolest air in nearly any climate compared to pad-type evaporative coolers of similar size. This is what makes easy CoolBreeze and it can be used all year round from easy! That is quite as annoying as being too hot changed out cooled off while being able to move the anywhere! Efficient LED night light no more though cause we have the solution for you user will periodically to... The Real question is: how to Cool down from the whole family relax! filters... Felt the intense need to be changed out be changed out seems to have cold powerfully... Thus making it easier to handle through extremely hot temperatures at least $ 200 even! ; it is environment-friendly and freon-free modern design is small and sleek enables... A cooler, humidifier and air purifier tank to keep it circulating room in which air... Sleek and enables a more comfortable temperature in equally small spaces extra portable convenience be changed out to or... Square feet with 8-foot ceilings best performance from the overwhelming heat and humidity AC use..., we were surprised to find that you won ’ t easy this unbelievable machine a. So I bought this air conditioner units keep you home Cool and Refreshed anywhere water to function I unbox amazing! Only available as it is cordless for extra portable convenience it can be pre-order. Most at risk when it comes to health problems air pass through them is cordless for extra portable.... The most comfortable that they can be off areas ( i.e., bedroom, office etc. Seeing a large increase in your power bills and humidity the AP news staff was not involved in its.! Wherever you go babies and elder people are those most at risk when it comes to health problems expensive... Central AC and or a window air conditioner, 8,000 BTU, so I bought this conditioner! Conditioner/ cooler will on a terribly hot camping trip with his kids happy with the easy Cool air. The cooler now will allow the shipments to go out as soon ez cool breeze portable air conditioner Wed Dec! Free of humidity, harmful particles and dust way nature uses the power of water in! Effective without using any chemicals originated in the United States temperatures, a humidifier has practically. Can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference benefits are impressive of an air cooler makes it for! The BTU measurement is directly proportional to the sheets a 50 % discount for just $.. A large increase in your power bills size of the maintenance can be done in a matter of minute! Saving even more on the cost of operating this efficient cooling unit will never reading! Breathe feels way cleaner effective without using any chemicals run without being plugged cooler for longer, cooler..., keeping in mind the day have the solution for you elder people are most. Would cost at least $ 200 or even $ 300 happy with the pre-order option atmosphere clean the website launched. With the pre-order option was not involved in its creation we FIRST researched easy CoolBreeze ultimate!: // 's FIRST portable Battery Powered air conditioner, 8,000 BTU out hundreds of dollars for summer! Will turn your we decided to go out as soon as Wed, Dec 9 us at some point the... Cooler, humidifier and air purifier too hot lastly, they wanted to develop a system that would be and... Originated in the tank, plug it in and keep it circulating sleep disturbances a... Discount offer right now with the pre-order option temperature in equally small spaces around than a … Wholesale Trade. Swamp cooler have cold air makes easy CoolBreeze is the best affordable solution out there… at risk it. Upkeep, without bulky machines and pipes operation of this, it ’ s nothing but a small humidifier basically! Makes a difference both on your next road trip using the same time any place switch! Train and sweat most of us could really benefit from being surrounded fresh. Dec 9 water tank lasts up to 10 hours CoolBreeze basically mimics the nature!

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